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T-Shirt, Sublimated

T-Shirt, Sublimated

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We offer so many brands and images to choose from, how can you choose just one?  Each shirt could be personalized with a name, or with that special message that they will love or laugh at.  We provide sublimation, or vinyl, as shirt options.

You can even design your own shirt with your own drawing, handprint or wording.  There are no limits to your imagination.  This will make that birthday, surprise announcement, anniversary, family reunion, wedding or holiday truly unique.

We all know what vinyl looks and feels like, so vinyl can be used on any fabric.  The sublimation process allows special ink, applied with heat, to convert to a gas and become part of the apparel  .  The higher the poly count, the sharper and more brilliant the image.  With sublimation, the lighter the color of material the better the image will appear also.  So, we highly recommend 100% polyester material for any sublimated creation.  Unlike vinyl, a sublimated image on polyester material will always last 

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