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Retractable Badge Holder

Retractable Badge Holder

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A sublimated retractable name tag holder is a convenient and customizable accessory for displaying identification badges or name tags. This compact holder features a retractable cord that allows the badge to be easily extended for scanning or identification purposes and retracted when not in use. The sublimation printing process enables the holder to be personalized with vibrant colors, logos, or names, adding a touch of individuality and professionalism. With its practicality and customization options, the retractable name tag holder is an ideal choice for medical professionals, students, businesses, conferences, or events where identification is essential.

If you do not see an image you like in our collection, and would like it to be customized, you came to the right place.  

Once personalized this item will not be refundable, since it was made special, just for you.

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